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We have been struggling with demoing vintage tone for quite a while. We have a faithful sound recording system -- developed a decade ago -- which, with right playback systems, pretty much sounds like you are in the room. But that is only part of the battle. The question what to play by whom looms large.


Long story short, we got a local accomplished folk singer to come and do some folk revival stuff on the fly - one take and gone. We were not after perfect music -- just good demos of the guitars. So near the end, it went off the rails. Instead of keeping it simple, my friend invited my bored wife to sing harmony with him -- in bad voice, with no practice, and in a foreign key -- I saw disaster coming. But I needed to keep him and my wife happy -- this was all a favor to me. This was the result.




What do I knowmsp_biggrin.gif.


Here are the other demos if you are interested.




Let's pick,



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