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(Happy New Stereotypical Guitar Posting Day)


Hi guys, just got in my new Gibson Custom Shop Vintage Heritage NOS Limited Edition '59 FSR Tribute R8, and it's perfect.

I have wanted one my whole life.


I plan on replacing the pups with Burstbuckler Coil-tapping P-90 PAFs, to get more spank out of it.


The stock bridge is now gone, and I replaced it with the 3-saddle bronze alnico depleted-uranium B-bender.


Not sure I like the bone nut, so I'm probably going to tear that out and put in the Graf-Tech Sammy Hagar roller model.


Installed Grovler locking tuners, and it finally stays in tune, and I also replaced the stock strings with Elixir 11's. The G string sounds kind of buzzy to me though.


I'm just a bedroom player, so I rarely turn my Blackstar up past 3, though I am probably going to replace the tubes in that to The G&L Groovy Tubes GT-12AT77 Selects, to get more warmth out of it.


I'm wondering what tone-wood they used for the body, and whether I should sand the back of the neck down to get it feeling less chunky.


Anyway, do you think this may be a fake?

The headstock looks kind of funky to me.


Okay, I'm going to go play Call Of Duty, Infinite Bloodshed now.





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Are you sure your amp is a Blackstar? My guess would be Blackhole. [scared] The "clipped ears" of your Custom guitar's peghead may have been cut off by tidal forces through your amp's gravity. [rolleyes]

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Just like kidblast this was the first post I read this morning. I was still half asleep and was like WTF, here we go again...... oooh wait, I see what your doing here! Well played sir! Well played!


P.S. Ive heard (from a friend of a friend who almost tried this but didn't) that replacing the neck with a warmouth maple strat neck really brings the vintage tone out of these guitars!

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