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my 1996 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard Red Sparkle Top / Dark Back Chambered Body Thinner 60's Neck Profile

my 2005 Gibson VOS R7 Gold Top / Dark Back Solid Body 1957 Neck Profile

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I'm lucky enough to have a pretty good number of "favorites".....it's hard to choose, but if I had to pick just two, it would be these............


58 Reissue LP.





and 63 Reissue Tele





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I have this amp too, mine was sold to me by a friendly honest businessman / guitar enthusiast who owns RockBottom of Croydon, England, I bought mine in 2016 and he sold it to me as being the last one in England. I didn't believe him, I thought that was too good to be true, went home, found one on Google, clicked on it, and it was that shop and the one I came home with.

I now run it with my Egnater I got in January until I can afford something better, like a Marshall Jubilee Head and speaker or look for this other one by Marshall that I liked but wasn't a JCM 800 or JCM 900 or Jubilee but was something I used at a local rehearsal studio once. - That was a cool Marshall; I think I enjoyed that with my 1996 Gibson Custom Shop, pity I never took the name of the model down but, I remember how it sounds and what it looks like - I'd probably look to find my sought out Marshall instead of the Jubilee. but until then, I have that beautiful amp that you can run through and make the head of a cab.




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