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Playing Guitar and Singing

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From the best I can figure; doing both is something that takes a little getting used to, and like everything, practise to perfect.


I've struggled to find a band/vocalist in my neighbourhood and even in my city, so I'm giving up trying and, bought myself a microphone and PA and mic stand to sing and play guitar for me (since it's easier than finding a band).

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Hmmm... Sticking to what I know on guitar means....

A lot of covers.


Which is good.

Music is always cool/good to learn.

Can be fun...


I think at one point during a recording... I snapped during the song mentally, became boxed in, everything visually went black for a second because of this challenge I gave my mind/body, all working at once, and.....

I didn't stop playing, I damn well finished the recording/song and yeah... It was done, I had finally recorded what I was trying to do.

That was in 2017 before I bought my microphone and PA box...

In November, a some point after I bought my 2nd Gibson, I spent £200.00 (or so) on an entry level PA system and a microphone. Got me a PA box, got me a microphone to connect to the PA box, got me a lead and a stand... Was cool, because that day... I was loud (first night with a PA).

I had two people knock, one person and my neighbour knocked on my door that day about my singing, and compliment me, asking me to turn it up, 'play louder' is what they said when I apologised for the noise.

One person even left their card and spoke of a studio he set up in the town over (which to me was awesome as that spelt free studio time in world that wants to charge me) - He said it was his old number, he penned in his new number, when I tried to ring him up a week later with the intention of going in with my friend who I wanted to cut a record with since cutting a record was something to do and this friend's smart and loves attention, but that never happened despite them expressing interest in the idea of going to the studio; any studio....


Nowadays, I don't have my PA box on too loud if I can help it and try not to play my guitar so loud since my other neighbour (in this Terraced dwelling I dwell) said it was a little loud, and I like to get on with all of my neighbours.

Getting my voice to sound high/(in key) or deep, is the thing WHILE (since I'm new to this) remembering the lyrics, but I don't care anymore about what my goofy voice is, even though I don't like my voice, singing and playing guitar is something I'm now doing.


I figure something too, since English is my mother tongue... Why not?

Sing my heart out on stage once I've learned how.


I have to project my voice, and I have to project profanities, and I've got to mean it and sound in key...


Which to me; means...


God... Singing to practise things that I want to sing about and not.

I want to sing about what's on my mind.

I guess I should sing about what's in my heart?

But I'm training myself to shout/sing obscenities in key...

Which is kind of easy.

But then, song writing...

Having it not sound like whoever who's out already.... Is something I've got to work on too, especially if I'm playing the same guitar, so I'm leaning towards the passion/style of another for my own way of figuring this out;

So here's something I took that I wrote from a key style rap free style on an online forum one day this day....

And it's so dated it's unfunny, but, whatever, I wrote a key style (online typed freestyle rap/song) and...

Then I decided I wanted to try and perform that on guitar, and...........

I hate getting political and whatever, but....

I love guitar.

I mean recording this, and even having a bunch of takes, with two favourite ones, I cheated and took the best of both since I felt listening to what it should sound like made sense so I can learn my stuff.


Judge me or not, whatever...

I suck at naming songs sometimes, and this is so dated.

I named it the year because, damn, this song had a lifespan of a week.

But, it's something I turned into a song from a freshly written key style.

Me when I'm putting my voice up.

(I've pushed my voice higher once or twice and loved how I sound).

I like my voice, in some recordings, this however isn't one of them.

This is me trying to project lyrics that like singing, is out of my comfort zone.

This is also me worried about sounding like another guitarist in the end who's guitar I copied too.

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Learning new songs, that's the effect my Stella by Harmony guitars I got earlier this year had on me....


It was.... Waiting around that got me singing on my Red Sparkle Top.

It was the awesomeness of the Gold Top that helped plough through songs with me like a locomotive not letting anything get in its way.

My 1951 Parlor/Parlour and my 1969 12 String had the effect of learning songs, and singing them.

Like the two videos above, I learned Man of Constant Sorrow, Sympathy for the Devil....






California Dreamin'


In fact, I had been meaning to learn California Dreamin' for years, and it was something else I wanted to play on Instagram of this guitarist playing an original song on what essentially sold me my H929.... She had a capo, I bought myself a capo to play her song on the same make/model guitar as I liked it.... Yeah, having a capo and using a capo were both firsts for me too this year, and my capo came in handy, and since I knew California Dreamin' needed a capo/is what stopped me from learning before; I decided to learn this song now that I have a capo.

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