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Hi everyone,


I’ve been a fan of this site for quite a while now - and thank you for the help it’s already provided as I do some research.


I adore Gibson guitars aesthetically, but even more importantly, I do think that the signature, woody mellow tone of a J-45 or a J-50 is a real phenomenon - and the best tone to act as a counterpoint to my voice.


I’m saving up for a Gibson acoustic, but I am hamstrung by a mobility issue at the moment and so I’m focusing on research. Regardless, I want to feel reasonably knowledgable before I try out guitars.


My dilemma is that I have a very big tummy (albeit one I plan on losing) and quite short fingers, so I am worried that a dreadnaught might be too big for me. I have looked at B25s and LGs and I am used to parlour guitars. Paradoxically, I wonder if a bigger guitar might actually prop up against me more readily and if a thin neck would make it easy enough to play a bigger guitar with a strap. And can a parlour REALLY produce the sound of a J-45 or J-50?


I know I’ll need to try this out for myself, but all advice would be welcome.


And it’s lovely to be here. When I decided after years of prevaricating that maybe it wasn’t was too late to take up guitar, I never thought I’d become this obsessed. But it’s a nice obsession to have. I look forward to chatting to fellow enthusiasts. And to becoming a Gibsonite myself!

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Welcome to the forum Tom.msp_thumbup.gif I consider myself to have shorter fingers, I have arthritis in two pinky fingers which gives me heck reaching for that 4th fret. I have to cheat some or just avoid using that finger. My Gibson LP Standard has a 60's neck and I absolutely love the neck. Easy to play. Actually a Dreadnaught is smaller then a jumbo. I wanted to get a jumbo 12 string Guild but passed because of the wider neck. So I shopped around for 6 months or better playing lots of 12 string Acoustics, My price had to be under $500. I set. I wanted the Seagull Coastline but no one had any here so I settled for the Yamaha FG 820 Dreadnaught and it plays just fine. Best for you is to just go everyplace that sells guitars and play them all till you fall in love with one you just have to have and can't live without. Oh? Never to late to play a guitar. Happy hunting for your next Gibson.

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