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1948 LG1 rehab project

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I have a 1948 lg1 that the bracing has failed in. Luthier said "a couple hundred bucks" to reglue. Needs tuners too. How much, if I were to sell this to finance other things, do you think I could get for it? Luthier said he'd be interested because of its age (his oldest is a 52). What's a good/bad offer.

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You will get better results in the

Gibson Repair and Restoration



FWIW I had one (1951) in decent shape that I paid $650 for.

Did a refret and plane the board.

After a couple years I was done with it and sold it for 1K. Barely broke even.

You will see them for sale at higher prices but they do not sell very high.

These were the student model, ladder braced guitars.

Very common, easy to find and not highly collectible.

All a matter of taste.

Good look

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I've seen them sell for $1100 - $1200 in good original condition and ready to go. They have a niche - can be nice little blues instruments, but they're nowhere as versatile as the LG-2 or LG-3 w/X braced tops, and the collectability isn't great.

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