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That thing, there in the photograph you did post, to me, does look quite and absolutely beautiful.msp_love.gif I guess that is OK for myself to say that, about that thing, there.msp_thumbup.gif I do like the IBJL thing that I did obtain a few years ago. I don't perform too many Beatles/John Lennon things with it, a few, occasionally, sometimes. But, for me, and what I try to perform (some type of "blues" ), well, it works pretty darn good for that too, for me, so farsmile.gif. That is what I believe about that. Yes, it is my own personal opinion that the Epiphone Casino electric guitar model, no matter what color, or finish for that matter, simply put, is a very and most great electric guitar.smile.gifsmile.gif I also believe that I may not be the only one who thinks that that is a very true fact.eusa_think.gifsmile.gif

Peace msp_thumbup.gif




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Picked this up yesterday, always wanted one but never snagged one until now.




So, after having that thing there, for a few weeks, and if you ever do return "here", what is your opinion and impression of that thing, now ? If you ever do return "here", and don't mind elaborating about it, a little, maybe. I like the red thing too, well, all of them, actually msp_thumbup.gif



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Thanks everyone for your comments and for you 'crust' (Nice Herd you've got there)The Casino, I like it very much, it's been my go-to guitar since I got it. It sounds great played through my Vox AC10C and when it's being driven it's awesome (once you learn to control the feedback) very versatile. Unplugged too, I took it to Wales on holiday with me (no amp). BTW I've removed the pick guard.

What's the red thing you're referring to? Is it the one in the middle which is a 1988 Epiphone By Gibson Sheraton II Vintage Sunburst.


The one on the right is a 2006 Epiphone Dot Vintage Sunburst.



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