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Why Are We Haemorrhaging Members?

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Ok I am going to add my two cents, having been AWOL for quite a while I see a noticeable change in the tenor of these forums. Not bad, not good, just a little change in direction. And as was stated a

There will always be members that get upset and leave in a huff. This is not new. I've been around these parts for about 12 years. Many people come and go.   How do you propose we keep a member f

I stopped coming back because it got boring and predictable. But that's just me.

I've never had a problem posting

A pic at this forum for over 10 years.



The good news is, I finally found my old password to Imgur. I even got on it and saw my 12 string photo there. Bad news is Now What? There was nothing else to see but the photo and nothing to click on? msp_confused.gif Might be getting a little closer though? msp_flapper.gif

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No, not the Gold leaf Les Paul.. I´ll never refinish that again, was a pain in the a$$ to do and it looks great as it is even though it has some dings in it now... Not the ES 1275, 175 or Johnny A... You godda be kidding. Hint; not a guitar that would loose value with a new paint job.


From your list of current guitars in your signature - I would guess you had the MIM Strat re-painted??

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As to the original post of why people leave or don't post as often I can only speak for myself. When I first got on this forum I was still working and had lots of down/boring time at work so going on the forum was a way to stay awake, and I loved to see all the guitar porn.


Now I am retired and don't spend as much time sitting in front of a computer terminal, so that's less often to log on. Also as I mentioned I really like the talk about guitars, photos on NGD, sometimes I can help someone less experienced with a "how to fix" question and even though I played guitar for 45 years or more in working bands before I ever found this forum, I have learned a lot about my guitars and how they work.


But we seem to have less and less actual guitar discussion here and more and more sort of everyday stuff and while that's fine, it doesn't interest me as much as actual Gibson guitar discussions so I tend to sign in less often.


There are a great bunch of guys with great senses of humor and a lot of guitar knowledge, so stick with it. [thumbup]

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