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Help Identify this 30's L series

midnight sun

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I wrote about this last year and only got around to take pictures now. Anyway, what I only know is it's a L series from 1941 #5231G-22 inked inside the f hole. The body is 14 1/2" width and 19 1/2" length. It's in a fantastic condition and sounds nice. Not as loud or booming as the modern Gibsons, Martins or Taylors. I attaching a few pics to help. What do you guys think?






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Beautiful guitar. It's either an L-30 or L-37.


I really couldn't find any information in my reference books that give the specific differences of these two models of this era. The ONLY thing I did find is that after '36/'37 the sunburst finish on the L-30 was described as "brown mahogany", and the L-37 was described as "red mahogany" sunburst. The similarites in these two models may be the reason that sometime in 1941 the L-37 was was discontinued and the L-47 was introduced (the L-30 continued in production).


There is not nearly the amount of information and details published about these "student" model guitars compared to the higher end models. Hopefully someone else will know how to make the determination of L-30 or L-37.

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