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Just got this new addition today. It's a Takamine GF15CE acoustic/electric. I have been curious about Takamine stuff for awhile. One of my local music stores recently became a Takamine dealer - about a year or so ago - and I decided to play some when he got some in. Seen the one I just got last week and really liked it. Had a couple of guitars I don't play anymore, so I decided to part with them to help get this. I got rid of a PRS SE 245 and a PRS SE Santana. Getting ready to put new strings on it in a few. Also, my dad has been pretty interested in a TAMA Star Classic drum kit for a pretty long time, so I also decided to let my 2000 Les Paul Classic go to help him out with the kit since he has done so much for me over the years. Here are pictures:



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Hey GG;


Looks pretty nice, never played a Tak, but it sure it pretty.


And good on ya for helping your old man swing the kit (that looks awesome too), moves like that will take you far.



It's a great guitar for what it is. I always knew they were great acoustics from what I have heard, but didn't see too many in my area. When one of my local music stores became a dealer, I had to check some out. Picked a couple - including the one I got - and was pretty impressed. Just threw some 12 - 53 Gibson Master Built Premium 80/20 Bronze strings on it. I like the way it plays and sounds. Mahogany back, sides, and neck, spruce top, and an ovangkol fretboard. The color is Brown Sunburst. Yeah, he has been wanting either a set of TAMA Star Classics or a DW set - both pricey/expensive kits - for quite a long time and he ultimately decided on the TAMA Star Classic kit, so I didn't care to help him out by parting with my Classic as much as he has done for me over the years.

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Very nice. Congrats. I own a few Ltd guitars and basses and am a member of the ESP Guitars forums. Awhile back, ESP and Takamine entered into to some sort of partnership (not sure if that's the right term) so I am now a member of both forums. I don't own or play any acoustic guitars, but Takamine does seem to have some very nice and affordable models. Should I ever be in the market for an acoustic, I will definitely give them a look.

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