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Gibson J-185 and Gibson J-185 True Vintage....what is the difference???


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The most important difference is the lighter back bracing of the True Vintage. Also' date=' some of the TVs have Adirondack tops, which makes a huge difference in tone, which some may like..... or not.[/quote']


And the fact that they are several hundred dollars more. I could not tell the difference between an 06 model and the 07 TV other than cometic changes IMOP

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My J185 TV has Madagascar rosewood fingerboard and bridge- for what that's worth.


The tuners are like the old Klusons with green tint on the plastic knobs- not iveroid, no gold around.


The case is fancy- brown outside, fancy pink inside- nice if you like it and can carry it. It is certainly strong and protective.


The top is Sitka on the J185 and I like that. Adi and maple gets harsh, sitka makes for great tone.


I can't tell you how much of a difference it all makes- i haven't played a "regular" J185.


My J185 TV is an excellent guitar- excellent construction, can be very loud, great tone, plays easily. I think the frets are fairly thin by modern standards and it has excellent intonation.


Cost was reasonable- Fullers gave me a very good deal.

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