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In Praise Of The Epiphone Dove Pro

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Today I went into an acoustic room and decided to try a little experiment.






I played this beautiful Epiphone Dove Pro for half an hour. It was hanging beside its fellow Epiphones and $4,549 Gibson Dove counterpart. I was incredibly impressed with the flawless construction of the Epiphone Dove. It's solidly built. Super comfortable to play. The neck feels just right. The photos don't do the finish justice. It's a nice warm shade, like being bathed by a carefree sunset; like light filtering through honey, or a glass of golden whiskey. The appointments add a touch of elegance too, which I like a lot. And of course, it sounds fantastic! The bass is full, the mids are expressive, and the treble shimmers. Strumming filled the room with a lush, vibrant sound that sustained for a long time.


I'm really happy I played this guitar on a whim. Sure, I tried the Gibson Dove too mostly because I'd never played a guitar that's worth more than one semester of my graduate studies. Once the shock wore off, it was nice to play it too. I honestly didn't notice a significant difference in comfort or playability. The Gibson was louder and sounded great, but there isn't really a discernible difference if you were listening with your eyes closed.


So yeah, if anyone is on the fence about this guitar, I would highly recommend it!!! I'm not going to buy it for myself because I have another acoustic in mind and I'm already more than happy with my Epiphone Texan. But I hope this post can maybe help someone out if the'yre considering the Epiphone Dove Pro!

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Sure, I tried the Gibson Dove too mostly because I'd never played a guitar that's worth more than one semester of my graduate studies.


More a comment on the appalling, disgusting, obscene price of tuition than the price of Gibson guitars (I speak as an Assistant Professor).


Glad the Epi checked the Gibson boxes for you at a fraction of the price; I've come to feel the same way about Blueridge vs Martin (even though those companies aren't directly related a la Gibbyphone).

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I have a MIC straight acoustic Dove. It was a bui guitar (bought under the influence) . I really meant to return it, as I didn’t need another “beater”. But this thing plays and sounds light years out of its class. Ernie Ball aluminum bronze strings took it to another level. I put it up there with my masterbuilts as far as tone and playability. I love it, and it only gets better with time.

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The question that naturally pops up is what about the Gibson makes it worth thousands of dollars more an the Epi. But by the same token it can be asked what about the Epi makes it worth double the cost of say a Yamaha FG series guitar. You end up just chasing your tail on this one. Yeah, I assume as a staring point that the Gibson is built with better lumber. But I have also never drunk deeply enough from the tone wood kool aid to assume tightness and evenness of the grain automatically translates into better sound. A ton of silking may indicate a perfectly quartersawn piece of top wood but can you hear it. I have played both the Epi and Gibson versions. I had nothing against either guitar but there was also nothing about them at their perspective price points that made me want to bring either of them home. I ended up buying a Harmony H-40 with a Gibson P-13 pickup. Go figure.

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I have the Hummingbird Pro and like it, I am thinking about picking up the matching Dove. I played one last week and it was a nice guitar.

My youngest grand kids are both under two years old. I figure by the time they are ready to play, the guitars will be aged to perfection...

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