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NGD 2011 SG Special (not faded)


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I have been a Gibson owner starting in 1974 when I picked up a '66 non reverse Firebird....which I gigged with for many years as my main guitar. Over these many years I have owned many Gibsons of all types, probably more SG's than anything else. For about a year i have been without a Gibson for the first time in a long time. I picked up a Vox SDC55 which was a nice guitar, but the more I played it the more I realized I just needed another SG....the SG (and tele) are my two favorite guitars of all time. It took me a long time, and many many guitars to finally realize this simple fact. Anyway...I ended up picking up a 2011 SG Special (not faded)last week. I added chrome pickup covers, which I had from previous SG Specials....and that's it. I do have a 498T which I was thinking of putting in the bridge, but for now I think i will leave it alone as the guitar plays and sounds great. This one has a granadillo fretboard which I also like. I have had maple, rosewood,ebony,carbon fiber, obeche, baked maple and probably others that I was unaware of. The granadillo feels a bit harder than rosewood, and has a lot of red in it....but I really do like it. Anyway, I'm back in the Gibson family and very happy about it...I love SG's.

For the record, I am not new to the forum, but I had to change name etc. because I had issues with logging on.



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