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I was taken in by one of these cheap guitar sites. Yes, I knew they weren't real American made guitars, but the finishes were delightful. Long story short, I accidentally ordered two of the same guitar. Their site was super slow, so I hit send again. I ended up with two of the exact same guitars. I have been trying to cancel my order for the past week. They do not respond, but they do promise a 10% charge for cancelled orders. That in itself is a rip off because they aren't actually "re-stocking" ANYTHING. The guitars haven't shipped. Should I ever be billed, you can bet I will contest the charge. Buyer beware of MUSIC SHOPS FOR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND RECORDING EQUIPMENT.

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I prefer to buy in-person.

I like to touch, hold, and play every guitar I intend to purchase.


That said, I am willing to buy online as long as I trust the seller implicitly.



My rank-order of websites I am willing to trust:


1. Sweetwater


2. A tie; Zzounds and American Musical Supply



3. Amazon Prime.






Cash only, local only, and in-person. In a very public place.

No PayPal, ever.


That is all.



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Well, its been just over a month since my disaster of accidentally ordering two guitars. I contacted the credit card company immediately, and they were aware of this scam already. They said the cc info was used to tap into bank accounts. I have not had any attempts on my accounts nor have I ever received confirmation that my order was cancelled after my repeated requests for confirmation. So far so good. Now there are two or three more companies with ridiculously low prices for name brand guitars being advertised on social media. I don't even look at their products anymore.

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Hey Kaiser Bill, I realize I am messaging you now almost 3 years later but I was hoping to follow up with you.

In your last update you mentioned that when you called your CC company like a month after waiting and not hearing anything from the website, they were already aware of the scam and had taken care of everything on their end to stop the transaction (which is fantastic news). You also said that the website had still not sent you anything at all about your order status.

Did you ever end up hearing anything at all from the website? Or if they ended up making an attempt to charge your card a few months down the road?

Reason I ask is because I'm pretty sure a buddy of mine is getting ripped off.. same deal as you described, he said he found the site through a facebook ad and that they had name brand stuff available at insanely low prices. What I'm trying to figure out as well is how in the world are these websites are fooling people. Do their websites appear to be pretty legit? Or were there any other red flags that popped up for you in the beginning? Did they appear to be based out of the US, UK or any particular country at all? I just can't wrap my head around this, I'm trying to understand lol..

Again sorry for the super late reply to your 3 year old post lol, your post was one of the first things I found when I was trying to search google to investigate.

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