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All I Could Do Was Cry!


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I don’t think I’d ever taken much notice of Beyonce’ before a mate sent me a link to a couple of her tracks off Cadillac Music.


I was talking about to him about Etta James and of course Beyonce' is playing her in this track.


This lady is no lightweight and my opinion of her has done a 360 turn.


Well worth a listen!

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She did Etta justice in that movie.


I don't care for her pop stuff, but I've been in the business long enough to know that you do what you have to do to survive and/or become successful in this business.


I had the opportunity to meet Chet Atkins before he died. He said he only wanted to be a jazz guitarist, but he knew which side of his bread had butter on it.


Lady Gaga is talented, but I don't care for her pop stuff either.


I don't care for Kenny G music (he is better than that) but if someone told me if I played this I could be rich and famous, I'd do it.


So I'm not quick to say that I don't like people just because I don't like the material they are doing. I can dislike what they are doing. But if they are doing it well, they might be just making a living.


Some people don't like artists because of their personal lives, but for the most part, I have no idea about their personal lives, I don't get past the headlines.



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your term make me puke you pig


did it now? ok.. so..why not ask me if I care?


oh and btw, if it makes you feel more a man to call me names based on MY opinion of this A-hole, have at it, you can even pm me any time.. I'll even give you my home address so you can say it to my face, if you have the stones, which I doubt you do. later on crouton..

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I repeat your a pig and you just highlighted your pork, there are ways to discuss things you dont like and you seem to be oblivious so I gave back what you threw out, beat up people? soooooooooo mannnnnnnnnnly ...

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I didnt help and I gotta say fixing this issue is really great, things dont allways work out and good on you for being upstanding, Jim


You're right. these can end badly. Didn't need to.


I was going somewhere in this thread that I 99.999999% of the time, never go. Thanks for your understanding Jim.

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OK, well I didn’t expect that reaction and quite frankly I’ve never listened to anything she’s done or said prior to these tracks from the movie. I know nothing about her other than I thought she did a good job playing Etta.


Perhaps I’d better keep my mouth shut in the future.

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