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Help me decide?


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2015 Japan Ltd Edition Les Paul Tradition in cherry burst. Want to keep tuners traditional, trying to decide between these two:







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My choice would be the Gibson Deluxe tuners.


Will you have to drill new holes to mount these tuners or do they line up with existing g-force tuners?


I believe the peg holes are the same size. There are now screw holes drilled.as of yet, so I can use any tuners I like.

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I guess I'm too late, on this thread, but if it were me, and I wanted what the original vintage Gibson's

had, with that style tuner, I'd go with the Kluson version, as it's what was on those original Gibson models,

with the "Tulip" tuners. The current Gibson version, and the Schaller versions have the sharper edging, all

around, whereas the original (and newer) Kluson, has a rounded edge on the top front portion! So, depending

on how "accurate" you want them to be, that might be another thing to consider. Kluson are good tuners, and

probably even better, these days.





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