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Schaller strap locks for my Gibson Custom


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I just got schaller strap locks for my Gibson custom. It's one of this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Genuine-Schaller-Strap-Security-Lock-System-for-Guitar-Bass-GERMANY-GOLD/291774390568?epid=1600057970&hash=item43ef1be128:g:zU8AAOSwn1RXIs5b


Is this any good for my Gibson les paul? I thought maybe something more expensive would suit my les paul more. :)

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Gold plated are usually about 5 bucks more than chrome.


23 bucks is not that far off the going price for a set from what I usually paid.


Just make sure that:

1: the strap part of the lock is attached properly the "U" should have the opening ALWAYS pointing UP.

2: Check the washers on the strap occasionally, they can loosen up, especially with a thicker leather or suede strap.



the rest is, well just a strap lock...

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