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That magic dozen, the hype, the reality.


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Not everyone has a music store within reach that will give you enough choices to let you eventually get what you want.

At the same time, a guitarist, or better, a musician never denies him/herself the opportunity to check out an instrument.

Either way, its a matter of statistics, out of so many instruments that one will try out, its a hard sell trying to guarantee that a musician will always find that magical moment when a musician just can't live without it, pisses off their spouse, even if you have to eat instant soup until payday, and gets that one magical instrument.


In general, you can find a good guitar or two out of a dozen.

Even when you have every possible variant of your favorite model in front of you, you have a chance of finding a really decent-sounding guitar within a dozen, at least two that are good, a few that are ok, and a couple of duds that can make your fingers bleed.


You have to work out what balance of definition and sustain works best for you.

You have to work out what control configuration is ideal for you.

You also know when to compromise when you might not like anything about that guitar, but it has that once in a lifetime sound that you would kill for.


All in all, its always a matter of getting you money's worth, getting a sound that once plugged in will electrify the audience, playing live with a good crew, exploring the possiblities, stretching the envelope, trascending time itself.

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