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Help identifying Epiphone EJ-200 Made in USA

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[font="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Howdy!

I am trying to identify the date and place of manufcture of this nice Epiphone EJ-200 guitar (see photos).

The label displays made in the USA and a seven-digit serial no. (8206048) which I was not able to retrieve in various sources in the web.

My guess would be: YY 82, MM 06 (June) and either factory code (048) or manufacture no. 048?

Has anybody come across these kind of Epiphone guitars - made in US?

When an where was this guitar built?
Does it have a solid spruce or is it laminated?
Any idea of a reasonable second hand price?

All input or comments are highly appreciated!


[attachment=24094:epi2.jpg] Edited by audionaut

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I got a hint from the Forum that the pinless Moustage Bridgeof this Guitar is something that is seldomly seen on the Epiphone EJ-200.

Maybe this could be a hint for identifiction or an indicator for a fake if these kind of bridges never have been used by Epiphone?

Thanks in advance for your comments!

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