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Buc McMaster

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The Dave Clark 5. They had a string of hits in the mid-60s with stomping rhythms and shouting vocals..........very good pop stuff. This tune was a bit of an aberration from that style, being quite melodic. It has been compared to the early work of the Beatles for this reason. Started fiddling with this one yesterday, wondering if I could remember the chord structure. Well I think I got that part down but the vocal is a still a work in progress.........call me impatient. It takes a week or two of singing a song for me to get the breathing, phrasing and pitch issues worked out, but when it's all there I think this will be a good "surprise!" song for the open mic stage........




J-45, Martin Titaniums down a half step, Kat Eyz capo at 3 (key of E), Blue Chip TPR50. Recorded with iPhone, dumped to iMovie, no effects added.

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Well thanks, folks....... [thumbup] .......appreciate the love! As is apparently the norm for me, I always push a tempo when first attempting to put a song together........the tempo here is much too fast. The song is much more effective and dramatic when slowed down, particularly done with just a single guitar and voice. Another 15-20 repetitions of this one has pointed this out to me and the whole thing is now obviously improved over this take...........I told you I was impatient!


Anyway, I do thank you for taking the time to listen! And for the kind words! [cool]

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