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1938 SJ200


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This YouTube video is a couple years old but I've never seen it before. Apologies if it has been posted here before.


This is a 1938 SJ200 in amazing shape. I'm fascinated by it because my 2012 SJ200 is an Anniversary model that is a reproduction of the 1938 SJ200. I'm interested that this '38 has individual, bone, adjustable saddle pieces. They screw up and down in the bridge. This one also has a custom truss rod cover with the original owner's name on it; Don Weston. I was a bit sceptical as to how it might sound with that funky saddle arrangement, but listen to how this thing chimes when strummed hard. It sounds like a 12 string at times! Wowza. Whoever snapped up this guitar has lightning in a bottle.


Take a look and listen to Gibson history right here:



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