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2014 Firebird: help with truss-rod cover screws!


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Hi guys,


I've been trying to contact Gibson via e-mail for a few weeks now with no success. I was adjusting the action on my 2014 120th Anniversary Gibson Firebird and unfortunately lost one of the little black screws that hold the truss rod cover in place.


Is there a way of purchasing these as an accesory from Gibson, maybe by buying a whole new truss-rod cover for my Firebird or such? Can't seem to find it.


Is there a better way of reaching Gibson? I'd like to maybe order these directly from them.


Thansk so much!!

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Have you tried AllParts? Why spend more than $20 for some "Gibson" screws if you don't have to... Just Google "allparts truss rod screws"... No one is going to know or even care once you find screws that are a near perfect match. Just trying to be as direct as I can about this. Not trying to sound like a DI** here, just that I find Gibson's prices for accessories absolutely outrageous. You will be fine with some generic screw, but if you must spend multiple times more for a simple screw that has no effect on your sound and extremely minimal "cosmetic defect" if you even want to call it that, good luck talking with Gibson for replacement parts.


Thanks for your reply! Actually, the price will not be the issue, as a matter of fact, I don't need the truss rod cover, just one screw. And yes, I would like this screw to match the other 2 and keep the guitar as original as possible, that's why I wouldn't wanna source parts other than from Gibson, but, they apparently don't reply any emails, is there a better way of contacting them?

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I thought about buying a truss rod cover from Gibson since probably the screws will be the same, however, the screws on the Firebird are black, little and have a flat head, while the Les Paul truss rod covers have usually chrome or gold screws with a round head... perhaps someone knows if a different truss rod cover shares the same screw type with the Firebird?

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