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settings/preferences not saving in DD 2.25

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Good Morning!


I have DD version 2.25 and a Mac OS 10.13.3. I also have a Hercules DJ console RMX. The newer versions of DD will not recognize my controller and the version I have will not save. I upgraded from a 2007 MacBook Pro and everything was working fine. Upon exiting the settings usually save automatically which include the presets or any of the settings/preferences. Now that isn't the case, so when I quit every thing gets reset- the panels, as well as any changes that I've made to the GUI. I have 2 questions:

1. is there compatibility with my controller and the latest version (because it does save settings but doesn't recognize the RMX)?

2. or is there a script that will allow me to save with the current version?


I'd prefer #1 but any solution would be helpful.


Thanks for your assistance,


~Paul D.

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Just to be sure I understand, you actually changed computer, correct ?


If so, can you confirm that your Rmx is recognized by the computer first (before going into DD), as indicated in the following FAQs:







If it doesn't looks to be recognized/working in MIDI, then it obviously won't work in DD. If you indeed have a new Mac, you might want to both of the following solutions:


- Try using a shorter, well-shielded USB cable (a maximum of 3.3 feet/1 meter in length);

- Try placing a powered USB hub (using and external power supply) between the console and the DJ controller.



If however your Rmx seems to work fine, then it should be seen and configurable within DD.



As to why your setting are not being saved, maybe some right management issue preventing DD from creating or saving the setting file ?



Luis: The Rmx2 and the original Rmx are two different controllers. I've been working on porting the mappings for our older devices, but it,s been a while since I've had time, and you've been busy anyway ;-)

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