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Viktorija Arsic

MOJAVE FADE for Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO

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I apologize if this is old news, but I just found out that the Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO now comes in this beautiful new Mojave Fade finish:
















Honestly, Epiphone is absolutely knocking guitar quality out of the damn park with consistency, awesome features, and wonderful finishes. At this point I think it would not make sense for a player, regardless of skill level and cash to burn, to spend thousands of dollars for a comparable Gibson (even if it also comes in a Mojave finish). But this is just my opinion, of course! I think the timing of this is uncanny as well because I was thinking lately how Epiphone has been coming out with finishes that are similar to Gibson's 2018 line, and that I wished there was a Mojave finish for Epiphone...and now there is!


Someday I would like to have an Epiphone Standard for myself. I've been contemplating the Plustop PROs for a while, but then again I'm also torn between this one now and the plaintop Goldtop...both are beautiful. I like to remind myself that my storage space is limited and that I can only play one guitar at at time. Maybe I'll have to wait until I move into a bigger house msp_biggrin.gif


Anyway, I just wanted to share this with people in case it brightens their day. Rock on! msp_thumbup.gif

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