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2018 ES-335 - locking tailpiece question

Larry W

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I just don't like the look of those tailpiece studs on the locking piece. Can this be swapped for a non-locking without changing the anchors/bushings in the body?


From my limited experience with them,the inserts in the body are the same. BUT BUT BUT, I would still call GIBSON and ask them. 1 800 4GIBSON , the phone reps have never given me bad info. The 'Locking' Tail piece is actually kind of idiotic, as the screw/lock gets unlocked by turning the screw head just a half turn, even less, not much at all, and then the allen key goes down into the post to adjust the height of the Stop-Tail. Then when the Stop-tail is where you want it, turn the screw head clock-wise until tightened enough. SIMPLE, right? Yes, it is...BUT, if you loosen the screw head too much it will dis-engage from the post sticking up and if you do not straighten the screw head and seat it properly before trying to re-attach/lock it, you can very easily strip the post or screw head and then, at that moment, your HP Guitar becomes un-playable.....GIBSON calls it 'High-Performance', it is more like FLIMSY and is IDIOTIC, IMO. I will say though that it does do what it is supposed to do. BUT, when you have never seen one and have worked on Tune-O-Matic bridges and Stop-Tails for decades, it will test your patience.


GIBSON has put these 'Locking' Stop-Tails on all the HP Models (that I have seen) and a few of the ES models. Personally, I do not like them. I have a Locking Stop-Tail on my new 2018 ES-335 Traditional and the Guitar is HOLY **** AWESOME, a complete keeper. I have no plans to modify it but if I do anything to it, the 1st thing would be getting rid of the Locking Stop-Tail posts. With the ABR-1 on the Guitar though, I will not have to adjust the Stop-Tail for a long time...it is cranked down to the body of the Guitar and its just gonna stay there as the strings clear the back bridge plate by a mile, so no need to adjust it.

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