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OK Guys and Gals.....let's start over....I got very heated up over comments made to new comers, about guitars.....it has just built up over time. I am officially apologizing for having made offensive remarks, getting angry, and especially if I have hurt any person or anyone's feelings in the forum. I was over the top. I hope you all will forgive me. If not, take a poll, if you think I should leave, I will accept my punishment. I thoroughly enjoy this group of oddballs, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in discussion in the room. Guitarstrummer, KSdaddy, I hope your time spent as moderators, is fulfilling, and thanks for the service. I actually have a great love for acoustic guitars, ALL acoustic guitars and especially Gibsons. There is just something so special about them.....I'm just as excited when one of you get a guitar as when I do. So thanks for all your sharings. Once again, please forgive my rants.

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"Forgiveness is Easy, Punishment is Fun." (I said that)


I think you should design your own punishment, since you feel that you've 'sinned', and we'll pass judgment on whether it metes the crime.


However, if you insist, we might come up with something musically appropriate.


Personally, ol Hoss is very partial to assigned volunteerism. Perhaps you could be volunteer for a weekend in a Guitar Center as a personal aid to any teenager who would like you to fetch him guitars from the wall, or change strings at his bidding. You'd have to stand at attention and listen to everything he played without comment. ](*,)

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did i miss something officially?


over the past few days ive read posts that range from how this forum lost its zing...to people leaving the forum based on what admins say...to people leaving the forum based on the new admins...to people apologizing for posting on a forum...


listen up everyone...here is my take on the following absurdities...


first off onewilyfool...apology accepted...i dont know why you are apologizing but ill take it if youre giving it...


secondly...for the most part...(ive been on this forum for less than a year but visit it about 10303 times a day) i have NEVER EVER been offended by anything said or insinuated on these things...in fact its the exact opposite!


ive learned more reading from you guys that i have from any other single source involving guitars...


humor is rampant on this forum and to me most of it is right on the mark...(the rest maybe i just dont get the references!)

i love looking at the guitar porn, and even moreso i love that when i have a weird screw issue on my les paul...or when my acoustic smells funny...or when my case opens and closes on its own...almost possessed...somebody...somewhere in the world...on this forum has had a similar experience and chimes right in...with more times than not...the exact advice i was seeking...


to get wrapped up in anything but guitars and guitar parts is asinine!

do you think i care who the moderators are?

no! because i dont break any of the rules set forth but the forum...therefore im not worried about being strong-armed or bullied or whatever the heck else is happening apparently behind the scenes...


and frankly i dont really care much because ultimately i am here to learn...share my passion for guitars...and maybe a story or two...

this isnt a substitute for my real life outside this forum...more of an accessory!


some of you on here all the time...or the les paul section...sg section...etc...i have come to know in time...i guess as much as anyone can based solely on a few paragraphs and photos...

others on here...are just annoying kids asking dumb questions in front of a bunch of adults and i get that too!

sure they are kids and want to learn more and like to sit and debate the properties of a blue guitar over a white...and who the hell really cares?...but whatever...thats what kids do!

they are put on this earth to annoy older people!


if people are on here to make friends...thats wonderful...its tough to find people with similar passions and eccentricities!

alot of my real friends think im nuts for being into guitars like i am...and you know what? screw them!

alot of people on this forum all suffer from the same affliction, and the idea of someone being "voted off" is so completely ridiculous i had to write my $.02


when the hell did people on this thing become so sensitive and why should i care if they are??

i am here to look at pics...talk about guitars...offer up a story or two and thats it!

i like everyone on here and to be honest couldnt even think of one person on here that i would not talk to if they asked me a question...

its less the person asking the question and more the actual question that would ever bother me if at all...


thats it...no more to this little novella except the following!


enjoy this forum for what it is...a free knowledge base with people equally in love with all things guitar as you are...i left all this stupid political social strife crap back in student council in middle school!


im here to talk guitars with people that love guitars...not to vote them off a forum!


cmon now!

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People shouldn't have to "leave" discussions, but I have left them before (other sites) when people get personally insulting to me rather than to keep their discussion on the subject at hand. When others are not able to be civil then (a) they cannot benefit by dialog and (O:) the Good Book says "don't throw your pearls among swine" .. I have not run into that kind of behavior on this forum (have not been here very long, but I do not see it). But there were some really ignorant people (ignerint) on the Washburn company guitar forum. I think everybody ought to stay if they can and share what they know about their guitars. These Gibsons are actually pretty close to art work and not just any-old axe. So there is a lot to be gained by hanging out together and talking about experiences with a similar top-of-line musical item. Like you I love/appreciate ALL guitars and like their variation and the music they make. I hope we can all be neighborly and focus on subject matter with mutual respect.

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As a guy who drops in and doesn't contribute much I'm not sure what the fuss is about?


Nothing wrong with a good argument and difference of opinion.




Owner of the best acoustic guitar in the world and possibly the second worst guitarist!

(Its a Gibbo of course - SW Deluxe)

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I don't have any problem with what you say or what anyone says here. Of course, if you aim arrows at me I will send some back, but I think the general decorum here is reasonably good.


I would like to see people focus more on the topics and less on the interpersonal issues, but that personal want of mine might not be ideal for other forumites who enjoy the social interactions. Still, I think we all need to think twice before posting anything that is potentially controversial and I don't think any of us should hurl insults at each other - regardless of how justified they often seem.


Freedom includes freedom of expression. As I understand it, most of us watching the forum are living in free countries -- and if there are members who do not live with freedom, let us demonstrate what it means here.


I have had dust ups here with a few different members -- it gets left in the past when it happens with mature adults. I am almost certain that anything you feel you have said inappropriately in the past has been forgotten. If you want to be more careful starting today, great, and if you don't then just let it flow. If you were so terrible, you would be suspended, yes?

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Im starting a poll stating that wily must give me 2 of his best Gibsons as punishment. No, look I havent been on the forum for more than a couple of weeks. And for the most part everyone seems cool. I mean, considering how many people are members, I would expect more goofballs. And remember most musicians are, "different", anyway. It takes a "different", personallity to sing, play guitar, act, tell jokes in front of total strangers. You know the, "lead singers syndrome". Well non-lead singers arent quite as bad as lead singers but, all musicians have a "touch of lunacy", in them.

So Wily I wouldnt sweat it. Say four hail mary's and be on your way.



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To those who feel they need an apology, let them apologize


to those who don't need an apology from those who should apologize


to those who know absolutely nothing as to why an apology was needed


in the first place.




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I offer my sincere and humble apology for raping the Queen's English.


LOL ;)


Ksdaddy, there are much worse things happening to the English language in my own country than the bit of tinkering with spellings your own has produced, believe me! :)

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+1 Also' date=' I think there is a guy from Kent on this very foroughem who is an ol' fur-o plougher from way back. That's the rumour anywayze. [/color']


Flippin Ada!


Thats a bit rich coming from a gnome loving, beer swilling,salmon catcher who, based on some his avatars, must have the worst porn collection since Mother Theresa's!


How are you doing Tobias?


BTW KSD sooooooooooooooooooooooooo soory for using the term "

Flippin Ada!" and the word " porn"


Please don't beat me..........it's not Tuesday yet!

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