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These are the main picks I've made.


The Tri-shape resembles the V-Pick Psychos I prefer (I still keep those in my cases/gig bags).


The square one was an experiment. Most tri-picks approximate a 90 degree angle at the tips so it was a logical thing to try. It works well. I've used it more than the others (including at my last gig).

The big quad point was difficult to make. It took hours of shaping. The idea was to replicate tri-shape geometry in a quad design (like 4 x tri tips). It works ok and the large size is a side benefit for my arthritic thumbs.


The next pick I make will be larger again for the same reason. It will probably be tri shaped again.





BTW, the sharp points are specifically for quick alternating picking. Pretty useless for rhythm work. I turn the picks around to use the flat edge for rhythm.


Great post. Question: Are you mainly an electric player or an acoustic player? Most acrylic picks are very screeching and noisy when playing acoustic.




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Ha Ha, I never lose picks myself but our 3 year old grandson loves coming over and taking some of grandpa's picks home for his Ukulele. He loses his all the time.


I'd kill for a grandchild right about now. My oldest is getting married in Dec so we hope to have some rugrats running around this place soon.


love the story,



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