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I'm new to this forum and wonder if you'd be able to help please.


There are currently two Custom Shop Les Paul/SG 61 Custom reissues for sale in the UK and I'm interested in buying one of them. They both have 6 digit serial numbers. I was under the impression that the first two digits represent the year of manufacture but I could be completely wrong.


The serial number for one is 023161. This is advertised as a 2006 guitar.


The serial number for the second is 010751. This is advertised as a 2010 guitar.


Would you be able to confirm when they were made please and that they are both white Les Paul/SG Custom 61 reissues.


If you have any advice on what other checks should be made before buying an expensive second hand guitar online it would be much appreciated.


Many thanks

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According to Gibson's own information the first two digits (as seen in the link above) should be, as you say, the year of manufacture so those should be a 2002 and a 2001.

The last digit denotes the type of LP/SG being made and a 1 means either a Custom or a Special so that would tie-in.

As the first LP/SG Customs were invariably white it would certainly be an appropriate finish for a reissue. You could always chance your luck by sending a query to Gibson Customer Support to ascertain whether they would be prepared to confirm the serial numbers match the instruments.



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