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Gas satisfied.


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I've been looking for an original Hamer case for over a year and have at last found one. It's cost me £100 UK ($132). But for a TKL case that's good.


Plus I've got this back. It's ok now. I'm trying to find matching Ivory plastics. But can't get them.

I contact sellers and ask if they can colour match the parts but they just tell me to look at their site. They won't help.


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Very Cool to find an original Hamer case! Congrats!

Any chance of seeing your gorgeous Hamer Sunburst in situ?......msp_smile.gif......


You don't want to keep it all black?......I think it looks great!......

I agree. I've always loved the look of the '54-'57 Custom and that's not a kick in the shirt tail off.

But hey; if we all liked the same thing etc...etc...etc...



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that LP does look sweet. Glad it finally got sorted.


can you order from these guys in the UK?



We can. I've bought stuff from Stewmac and they still send me catalogues. Excellent gear too.




.. and Larry, congrats on the Hamer case. Great quality and looks.

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