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Buc McMaster

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Did an open mic this evening and it was a hoot! The host and his bass player sat in on my set, did very well and it was great to have some bottom in the sound and an instrumental soloist to fill out arrangements. Both of the players on stage and two guys out of the audience were very complimentary of the tone of the J-35......one said he "heard wood". Perfect. Did Hall & Oates Maneater for the first time live and it set the joint on fire......they loved it! And I remembered all the words and chord changes - yeah! I love it when a plan comes together! The voice was on point the whole set and having an audience engaged makes it even easier to go for it vocally. I often find it difficult and nerve wracking to play for a few folks in a home setting, but put me on a stage in front of a crowd and something happens for me........i dunno........


As for the J-35, the newly installed K&K works as expected. Ran it through the Red Eye with the Ego compressor in the loop. The host was very impressed with the warmth and presence of the guitar through the compressor.........he said he would add one to his pedal board. Good night on stage! [thumbup]



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