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Les Paul Custom 61 Maestro vibrola inverness green sparkle

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Hello Everybody,



I'm looking for some details about my future guitar. I've booked it, and i'll go to pick this week-end.


First of all, i've completely cracked on the colour. I've never seen it before (i play for 25 years).


I've looked during one week for some info about this Les Paul / SG... A guy on a french forum has found some info on a look-a-like Les Paul Custom. I've checked and... this is my guitar!


The link onf this old ad (with pics): https://reverb.com/fr/item/2725615-rare-2010-gibson-custom-shop-sg-les-paul-custom-reissue-inverness-green-sparkle?locale=fr


some pics of the ad on Reverb:










Of course, the guitar has the Custom Gibson hardase, COA and goodies.


The SN is 001751.



The guitar has been checked and authentified.



In my view this is a Custom Shop 61' Reissue model, product in 2010 with custom colour.

But have you ever seen this model? I'd like to know if it's a limited run or a made 2 mesure / custom order.



thanks a lot for your help!

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That's a stunning looking Les Paul /SG. I envy you. I'm a beginner with serial numbers but wouldn't this be a 2000 guitar and not 2010?





I've asked Gibson directly.


It's a Les Paul Custom 61 Reissue, glossy, inverness sparkle green, with maestro vibrola. It's a custom order for Music Zoo (NY). (Only one has been made).


I've got it for 3 days, it's a very great guitar, in great condition (not used). I love these sounds. Great 57 classic pickup.


In my Blues Junior modified, amazing sounds!


somes pics:











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