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New Guitar Pics!!


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So Guys,


My latest ebay purchase is this wonderful Pool Blue Gibson! Its one of the finest I have seen so I just had to get it. I have a few concerns with it. It doesnt have the Gibson logo on it beacuse the owner said its worn off. I always thought the logo was under that clear plastic stuff.


I dont think its a fake coz it has a made in Korea sticker on the back of the headstock and all fakes are made in China right?


I paid $2100 for it!


Let me know what you think guys... Did I do ok?

















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If I may be so bold as to, without obtaining his permission first - sorry TG - quote The Thundergod, from a different thread;


"So tone is not in the wood. Tone is in your fingers and they will respond not so much as to what materials were used but to HOW A GUITAR WAS BUILT. (What about those guys that pay with instruments made out of garbage???)"


I think we will soon have the answer - over to you, Flight!!!!

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