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Strap Locks.


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I have a variety of straps for a variety of guitars.


It's become apparent that I am safe using conventional straps (without strap-lock hardware) as long as the leather eyeholes are crisp and fitted correctly.

If, on the other hand, a strap gets to be to old, and the leather eyehole becomes worn and soft, then it has to be retired.



I have found a couple of designs that 'lock' without added hardware to the guitar;


D'Addario's Planet Waves design is awesome.

You drop it onto the standard guitar strap button, and turn a small ratcheted bezel that narrows the aperture, and stays just right.




The other one I love is even simpler.

The Ernie Ball Poly Lock slips on over the standard strap button, and you pull upward to set the button into a narrow, firm grip.


Very, very intuitive and super-easy.





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I use Schallers.

Small and secure. I have them fitted on all the LPs. I've read that some folk have had problems with oversized screws but none of my sets had any issues. Don't know why...



I bought some for the last build I did.. Im not sure if its changed but Schaller come with two sets of different sized screws now..



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My Jackson Elite came fitted with Jim Dunlop SLs from new. They worked perfectly but I didnt like the extra nut extension much (no longer have that guitar).


I have Fender washers (like Grolch Beer washers) for guitars like PRS or Jackson.


For guitars that need removable straps (due to tight cases) like Sparquelito, I mainly use Planet Wave locking straps. These are excellent.

I have a USA one on my Ric, a black on for the ES-339 and a Dragon one on the LP




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If the strap button is on the upper horn (i.e. my LP, Strat, Tele, etc.) I use Dunlops. On my hollows and semi's, where the strap button is on the back of the guitar (i.e. Casino, Dot, etc.) then I used the Grolsch washers (don't like the intrusion of the "length" if you will, of a straplock). Whatever you use, I recommend some consistency in mfgr so as to keep them "interchangeable" if necessary. As always YMMV.

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