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Hey guys!

i recently got a 90's gibson firebird, amazing guitar, only problem is it came with the bridge pick up not working properly (low volumen/output), i will very soon be taking it to my trusted tech to get it checked but i get the feeling the pup isnt working anymore (got the same issue with an SG a while ago)...so i started to check the market for firebird pickups i could replace it with, so far i liked mojotone's johnny winter signature, but i would like to hear your opinions on other brands. I play a lot of styles but mostly stick with 70s rock and southern rock.

i would like the most "truer" firebird sound possible, i mean i've read that the newer firebirds have more of a humbucker sound instead of than of a mini humbucker, so i definitely want a more traditional mini humbucker tone

hope to get your input guys i really need it!


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Seymour Duncan has done a lot of work on Firebird pickups....


From ' Vintage Correct' through various degrees of 'hot'.....dry.gif


Personal success was with an 'SM-2'....


There are many other winders who may offer equally good Firebird pickups...








thank you! i tried looking for videos or demos but so far no luck, will keep looking msp_biggrin.gif

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I have a set of mojotone in one of my firebird. Great pickups..I also have a set of firebird pickup wound by great lakes pickups I like them best of all the pickups I have tried..don't care for the stock pickups in the newer firebird they all have ceramic instead of alnico magnets.




thank for the tip! i didnt know Great Lake pickups, saw a review and like them! also good to know the mojotones are great =)




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