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Help reqd. with FT-120


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Hi folks, I'm new to the site because I've just purchased an old FT-120 (I think). I saw it advertised locally and I quite fancied an Epiphone. It was made in Japan and the seller said he had it for over 20 years. He didn't say that it wasn't new when he got it! There is no ID label inside. Initially, I messed up my verification for this forum but managed to get a reply from Gibson in the mean time re. identifying it. Wow, some of those guys need to learn their history! Enough said. I googled every Epiphone photograph on the wibbly wobbly web before I discovered that it was a mid 70's FT. I wanted it! Even though I know it's not exactly a classic. As expected, the neck was doing it's own thing. Anyway, I am determined to try to restore this old girl. I am at the age where "Made in Japan" really means something. I grew up in N.Ireland and my friends played Jap guitars and rode Jap bikes. Loved it!

So, my FT needs the neck shimmed and the body squashed. Sorry if this is too technical:) I also need a screw for the adjustable bridge and a truss rod cover for the head stock. Anyone know what the thread type is for the screw? It's roughly 3mm but not metric as far as I know. M3 almost fits. By my calculations, I need a 0.5 degree shim. Can't seem to buy this in Ireland and it costs twice the value of the shim to ship from US. I know it's not a fortune but the guitar won't be worth much even I do manage to restore it. No point in throwing money at this project. Hope someone can help me. Found some fantastically helpful posts on repairing the neck/body but sure could do with some live contacts. Thanks in anticipation, JR

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Have to ask - what do you mean by needing to "squash" the body? I am assuming this is a bolt neck guitar and what you are saying is that the top has been deformed above the soundhole which is generally a sign that the neck block has shifted.


As to shims, Stew Mac, as example, sells blanks which you can get at through I believe Amazon. Stew Mac though will ship internationally but I not have a clue how much it costs.


If I remember correctly one of the members of this forum has in the past posted detailed instructions and pics of how to deal with inky necks on these guitars. Hopefully he will chime in.


Good Luck.

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