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Happy Birthday David Evans

LP Trad Pro II

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A big happy 57th Birthday to David "Mr. The Edge" Evans. Who is without equal, and remains the greatest guitar effects player on the planet. And thanks for rocking that knit hat for the last 15 to 20 years or so like millennials and Gen-X'ers.


But on a serious note, I do like the War album.

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...Doesn't look like any fun at all, can't imagine why all those people are there. If I had them guys for a band I'd be having a good birthday today too...

Oddly enough (perhaps) I agree completely.


Just around the end of my gigging days I used to join-in with a local band (two of the members were really good mates of mine) to play a medley where 'I Will Follow' segued into 'Sunday Bloody Sunday. It was always great fun to play them and the pairing always went down superbly well with the paying public.


Happy Birthday Mr. The Edge!





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