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J-200 Koa

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I've been wondering about Koa wood (from Hawaii?) and about its sonic qualities. I notice some high-end instruments (in Martin's most recent printed edition catalog) feature this wood -- not among the woods whose sonic 'temperament' is discussed by Ren Ferguson (in that magazine article, to which I referred readers, in my Amazon.com review for J-45 Gibsons -- please see my very first posting here, of about a week ago).


Anyway, thanks to "Koa J-200 of Texas" for posting the link above -- I went and saw the "similar" J-200 with Koa back and sides (7,000 dollars!) and, looking at the picture of the back thought to myself, it's not all that attractive a wood -- not compared to say several 'decorative' species of Maple, but not even as nice as plain old Mahogany.


So . . . it must have terrific sonic qualities, when properly seasoned and installed by a master luthier.


[i can only guess at why my favorite writer here was taken aback by what he saw on the LINK above -- the photo of the item had disappeared with its sale.]


Finding this an interesting place to visit, any old time of day or night!


Mark B-of-the-frozen-North

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All that money for the bridge and the bugger still wants five dollars for shipping.


I had a girlfriend like that once - anything you got out of her cost you a bunch of money and then she always squeezed you for a bit more when you thought you hit your limit.


I'm lost. Is that a good thing or bad thing? :-k

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