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Good article and video. This stuff is interesting to me. For me, I find it difficult to describe “the Gibson sound.” What I call a thump, someone else might call a twang. What I think is too bright, someone else might think is a deep bass, and it’s all good. I just like what I like. I can likely grow to love the sound of most good guitars and a lot of those guitars happen to be Gibsons. [thumbup]

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Here is another fellow with his J-50.

He's very sympathetic and competent, but the way he under-plays the sonic variation between James Taylor's bridge w. adjustable wooden saddle

and his own modified, now conventional version, makes me a bit suspicious. The difference is huge.


1964 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx8EmutRQ3A


Regarding Taylor's p-guard it seems he did without it from what must have been the J-50-start.



Approx. 1966 ~ MiYUDlq.jpg

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