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sound dropping weird behaviour

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Hi there everyone


I Need some help, here’s my problem:


I have a nice Gibson LP standard with upgrades (Two dirty fingers Pickups and controls upgrade).


When using the instrument at home I don’t have any problems but when performing on stage the neck pickup suddenly drops output to almost none (so some sound can be noticed).

And the most interesting part is: if I touch the adjustment screw on the neck pickup the sound comes up again.


I’ve had two luthiers to look into this and all has been checked and measured on input etc. None was able to find a defect. Of course, … if you bring it to a docter the symptom disappear.

I use:

• Hotrod devill Amp,

• pedal board with analoge stop boxes and a Line6 G50 receiver

• Stratocaster+ G50 belt pack

• Les Paul + G50 belt pack

(Of course, during performance, I switch of the guitar that’s not used)


Does ANYONE have an idea what this could be and what could be done to resolve this?

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well,, I dunno, but it sounds like there's some faulty wiring going on. Sucks when stuff works when someone who can fix it is looking at it..

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Tough to diagnose...


On the next gig, use a good instrument cord instead of your wireless to eliminate this one item.


If it still cuts out...


Try to move or jiggle parts of the pickups... to simulate the problem.


If moving a part of the pickup disconnect reconnects the sound...could be a loose wire or bad solder joint.

Sometimes a fine stray wire might ground the hot leads.

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