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J45 - Finish Question

uncle fester

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We absolutely do, kills me every time i see it.


It's a guitar. If you actually play it or let someone else play it, dings, dents, bumps and bruises are inevitable. Just play it more and worry less about dents and dings. I'm not saying you should mistreat your instrument, quite the contrary. But if you bought it to actually play it, dents, dings and scratches are par for the course.

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Hi all, I wanted to bring this thread full circle and close it out. It started with me asking a question about a finish issue around the sound hole, looked cloudy. It ended up with a trip back to Bozeman to get it fixed. It's all set, back home as of yesterday - and wanted to offer the crew up some kudos... especially in this time of transition and uncertainty for them.


I do have to say, there were a couple hoops to jump through, and communication was less than stellar - but the end product meets, and even exceeds my hopes. I sent it in for the finish issue around the sound hole, and since it was there, also listed an issue with the tip of the pickguard not being adhered down well I hoped would get covered through warranty. On top of that I listed a couple things I offered to pay for, but was hoping they could at least address (again since it made the trip across the country). First was 'ray's ding' which was fixed by a local luthier, who did a good job on it but I asked if they could improve more, and finally my G string tuner was slightly bent from that time it never got knocked over by any of the kids.


Long story short, the guitar came home yesterday - the finish issue was taken care of, I can't be certain, but ray's divot is looking better, the pickguard is new (and adhered) and the tuner is straight. There was no communication or actual acknowledgement of what they did, so who knows, this all could be my imagination, or maybe a little bit of black magic... but I think truly, they did right by me. Thanks Bozeman.


Here's a side by side of the issue, and then with it fixed.


psTdCgB.jpg?1, qyN8fZE.jpg?1



PS: I've been playing my guild for the past 2 mo since this was gone. The guitar I had, lived and loved for 20 yrs - and was loving it again... but one chord on the J45 and I remembered... Gibson Love :0

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My Hummingbird has the same wear but then again it's a 1964 and has been played hard and put away wet. On a new guitar I would be on my way to Bozeman with a pitchfork.

Actually went there in the summer of 2018, no tours but I did bum a Marlboro off the chick that does the inlays on the fretboards. Glad it worked out the folks in MT are

the salt of the earth. My father in law lives in Big Timber and we go every year.

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