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I've seen and used a program called "Lyrics" on Android that watches what song you are playing via your media player and displays the lyrics on the screen (it DLs them from the Internet). Pretty slick. I've come up with a way to add this but I'd really rather not add the Android device to my show. Instead I'd rather do this on my PC and even better, if there were a way to obtain a song name from Deckadance and shoot that over to the plug-in or memory resident program and allow me to display the lyrics on a monitor or two. I found a couple of PC programs (Musicmatch) that sort of do what's needed except they're strapped to either Windows Media Player or ITunes. Ugh. A plug-in makes sense but so far I've not found the secret sauce. ANY THOUGHTS on adding lyrics via some output from Deckadance either to the host machine or to an additional box??

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