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stand up bass - strings?

uncle fester

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Hi all - here's a little different slant on the string conversation - do people have input on strings for a 3/4 stand up bass (this is for a bass I made out of a wash tub, I'm looking for volume if that's a factor?)


Really appreciate the input - rgds - billroy

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My only feedback on this one would be to buy a high quality string(s), which probably translates to its price. Generally, to my knowledge, bass players seldom if ever change strings because of their thickness they seldom break nor wear out. A better grade of a bass string will in itself have a better tone, volume, and playability.


How that would apply to a standup washtub bass is anyone’s guess, though, especially if it’s only a onexatring one, meaning how is it’s base (not bass) pitch tuned. My suggestion is to search YouTube for some overall guidance in building/maximizing a washtub bass.


Just my two cents from having know some standup bass players. Hope it helps.


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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