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Fun with 2 Pickup Systems at Once


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I recorded a short track on my Cargill with 2 pickup systems at once - panned 10 and 2 o'clock on my mixer then run to iMac/Garageband.


Left is a K&K Mini running to a wavefile for the Cargill in Tonedexter. EQ flat.


Right is my Baggs M80 through my Fishman Pro EQ. With upside down smile EQ style.


It picks up different parts of the guitar and I only played once (fingerpicking) but it sounds like 2 guitar parts in headphones. There were no mics injured in the recording of this track. <_<









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I got lost at the "2 pickup systems" part....lol.....




The K&K Mini is already installed in the guitar and I ran a guitar lead out. The Baggs M80 I put in the soundhole and also ran a guitar lead out.


The other things are preamps to eq or improve the sound before it is mixed at the ...mixer, to balance the volume level of each track.

Then ran to my iMac to record it.




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