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My beautiful ‘RARE’ J185?


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I ‘think’ I have a very rare Gibson J185, it plays and sounds absolutely amazing firstly but it seems to be a ‘one of a kind’.

It’s a 2002 model, has the standard hog neck/beautiful fiddleback flamed maple back and sides and a nice dark spruce top.

The difference is it has a ‘MOP or more like ‘abalone’ ‘rosette’ like the limited edition birds eye maple or koa version, similar to the ‘J165’ has blading rosette. Also it has ‘no pick guard’ like the J165, but this is 100% a J185 and 100% a legit Bozeman Gibson from 2002.

All the ones I’ve seen have the simpler black and white stripe rosette.

I can post pics if you like, but that’s it explained in a nutshell.

Have spent hours/days on the internet and not another single day be like mine.

Did someone at Gibson just make a mistake that day and I have a ‘one off’ rarity?

As I said it sound AMAZING TOO.

Please help, I believe Fred from j1854me could be answer.

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