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Ren Ferguson Gibson Master Museum J200


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This is the piece that led me down the internet rabbit hole to find that great article about Ren that I posted earlier.


This is a Ren Ferguson built, Master Museum J200 for sale at Reverb. It is only $50K plus shipping. I'd have to sell all my guitar and both my cars and then get a loan to purchase this guitar. It is nice to think about and look at though!


Gibson Master Museum J200





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The inlay work alone is mind-boggling (!), let alone the massively figured maple used for the back and neck of the guitar. It is just a shame that Ren's museum pieces aren't played the heck out of and are more for show because they were constructed with all the knowledge Gibson and Ren have gathered and learned throughout the decades of guitar-building trumping any past specimen in terms of sound and playability.

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I wouldn't kick that one out of bed for eating crackers!

Seriously - I think everyone here appreciates the fact that guitars are both tools and works of art.

They can be raw and basic - with no visual appeal, and sound great.

Or they can be beautiful and breath taking but sound like crap.

The world class luthier will be able to combine the two.

If you are just concerned about getting to your destination - you'll take the city bus.

If you want to enjoy the ride - you'll buy a sports car.

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