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Hi everyone,


I’m saving up for a Gibson acoustic guitar and will almost certainly get either a J-45 or a Hummingbird.


I just saw that the cost of 2018 Gibson Hummingbirds in the UK has fallen by about £600 recently (seemingly coinciding with the introduction of 2019 models).


My question is whether this is standard or unusual. I understand that Gibson’s problems may mean that this question is hard to answer and that future price fluctuations are harder to predict.


I am very open to a secondhand guitar but I have a health problem that is limiting my mobility at the moment, so checking out guitars in person is really tricky. Moreover, members on here have advised me that getting a new Gibson from a reputable dealer sight unseen (and sound unheard) should be fine. (The 2018 models are still “new” in the sense of not being secondhand.)


£600 feels like a big drop and £2,400 seems like a good price for a new Hummingbird. It would be a stretch though - if advised that it isn’t a particularly good deal I’ll leave it until I’m more liquid financially. Yet if it is a good price, it might be a false economy not to buy it now.


Any advice massively appreciated.

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Gibson’s new prices are massively overinflated here in the UK.


The 2018 Birds are fine instruments but you’ll save yourself at least another £5-700 buying secondhand. I paid £1700 for my 1990 Hummingbird and it’s a gem. You can expect to pay around that figure for any secondhand Bird made between then and nowadays. Another option is to buy from the US if anyone you know is travelling and would be happy to bring back a guitar.

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Nothing wrong with the new ones, but there are countless used “gems” out there and at decent prices too. With any guitar, especially used ones, buying from a reputable dealer is of the utmost importance. I’ve bought several used Gibson’s over the Internet (through Guitar Center) and am/was very satisfied. Bought new ones too. Kind of depends on who you’re dealing with. If I wasn’t sure about a dealer’s dependability in regards to a used guitar and couldn’t get around to playing any, I’d probably be looking at new ones. If you can find a good dealer, look for a used one. Lots of killer guitars out there that someone didn’t want for a reason that has nothing to do with the quality of the guitar. I’ve sold guitars for no reason other than I couldn’t bond with them. For someone else it may have become a great guitar. And likely I got a great guitar or two because someone else couldn’t bond with it.

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