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First Solo Album Release


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After several years of working on different projects, I was finally able to release a solo album. There are no lyrics - these songs were primarily written for movie, television, video game and other visual media. Here's a link to find the album Parallel Lines by Transcind:




Here's a link to one of the songs that was posted to YouTube (a friend of mine liked this one the best):



This album is available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Pandora, and a variety of other streaming services. This was all handled by DistroKid (see my other post regarding my DistroKid review).


Thank you...I hope you enjoy the music.

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Also, I am working on a second album that will be similar, but I might include some tunes with lyrics. Some of the songs will be more aggressive, but it depends on how I do the song placement on the album.


If you are interested in working with me, I am in need of musicians who can help me with this project. I will provide you a copy of the finished product, copyright credit, and whatever portion of streaming royalties you are credited to receive. I currently have more than enough material to complete multiple albums. I am willing to listen to whatever you might have that you would like included on the album.


PM me if you are interested. We can work remotely together or I am located in the Los Angeles area...


Thank you in advance.

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