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kdblast..... Tell Us About The Bose S1 Pro And Your Gigs...


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Hey Murph,


I don't have the music experience Kidblast has, but got an S1 system for myself. I like it for what I do, which has been the basement, and by the campfire.

  • The sound, ease of use etc... can't be beat.
  • I've used the battery, but not until it died yet, so can't speak to duration, but used for probably 1 1/2 hours and no change to the output over time.
  • It's light and super easy to move around for battery use, with just one mic and plugging in the guitar, super easy set up.
  • Reverb, bass, treble on each channel works, I like the sounds I get,
  • I find I turn the bass down and treble higher, usually the opposite on amps for me - but again get the sounds I like.
  • It was using this that I decided I couldn't get the volume i wanted by mic'ing the guitars without feedback (Shure SM58), so got a soundhole p'up.


Kidblast could probably give a more experienced review, but hope this helps.


Rgds - billroy

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[*]It was using this that I decided I couldn't get the volume i wanted by mic'ing the guitars without feedback (Shure SM58), so got a soundhole p'up.



Heck, I thought those things were designed to be used BEHIND you and were pretty much feedback resistant.


I was mostly curious about it's spread, and ability to cover a large area, another thing Bose is famous for. The simplicity, size and portability is PART of my obsession with these little rigs, another being the tonematch built in and a dedicated line out. And the battery capability.


And the weight.

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Hey Murph!


The weddings are at the end of this month and the 1st week of October.


so the "live" use hasn't happened yet. But in my studio room, it gets loud really fast and you can stand any where and it wont feed back unless you're CRANKING it.


I would definitely make sure you had it up on a pole tho. it does seem to work best for dispersion well up and off the floor.


Also, slaving it off the Fishman Artist using the Mix DI out on the Artist is pretty amazing for sound and overall volume capability.


I did a gig a few weeks ago, wasn't sure what I'd be facing so I brought my powered PA speakers and 8 ch board, but once I got there and saw where they wanted me to setup, I think I could have done it with the bose. I was kickin myself for not bringing it. Next time, for sure..


Battery charge, It will go for at least 5/6 hours, as I've used it on my deck during a few barbecues streaming from my andriod.

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Hey Murph, used the bose again outside last night, and been using it constantly in the basement, really loving it - so thought I'd give an update.


I do get feedback, but it's when the treble is up high, seems like the treble is very sensitive to me, but turn it down and the bass up and it sounds real good and the feedback issues resolve themselves.


Still can't gauge how big of an audience, kidblast should probably speak to that, but it's more than i need for around the campfire with 6-8 people.


Anyways I'm loving how easy it is to just pick up and set up and not worry about electricity etc..., and the sound is awesome IMO. If I was you, I'd probably get two.



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I expect these weddings will have about 125/150 people on the 1st one, closer to 200 at the second. But I don't think I will have to compete with crowd noise. I'll report on that when these are done.


When I've used it in my studio, just trying it out, there are a few times when I realized after, that my ears hurt. It's loud, clear, quite and ultra clean. the treble has to be backed off. 9 o'clock seems to be the right setting, with the Bass around 1 or 2 o'clock.


And setting it as a wedge DOES absolutely push the mids, so if you don't need that "quack" then absolutely get it standing vertically.

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  • 2 weeks later...

hey Murph/Billroy, and FWIW, if any one is still interested/following.


First outdoor wedding with the Bose s1 was yesterday afternoon.


The place where the ceremony was held was about a 6 minute walk from the parking lot, at the edge of an orchard at this farm the venue was at. Getting there was not easy, even with the light weight of the S1, as I still needed a mic stand and the pole for the S1 and my guitar. Thankfully, I had plenty of help. About 125 people were either sitting or standing. I had the volume at 12 o'clock for the J200 input, and about 1 o'clock for the vocal. I stood right in front of it with an sm58. No feedback. The people at the back of the area were a good 200 feet from where I was, my son was one of them said he could hear every thing perfectly. The guy I do a duo with was a bit closer, he was amazed with the clarity and over all projection.


My only sample was streaming some music before hand, I had that low, about 9 o'clock, the sound of course did drop out a bit, but even that was audible at the back.


Over all, pretty cool, worked like a charm. Second wedding this weekend, but the outdoor part of it, may not work out, it's looking like it may rain.

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