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ABR-1 bridge question.


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I've just bought a Bigsby B7 plus Vibramate for my new Classic. I'd like a roller bridge. But I'd rather keep the ABR and put rollers into it.

Does anyone make them or could some like this be adapted?



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Hey Larry,


I don't have a roller bridge on either of my Gibbys with a bigsy. My LP like yours, was updated with the Vibramte.


The roller bridge I did have was on my Swingster (no longer have it) the LOW E kept popping out of the roller every now and then annoyed the hell of out me and did not in my experience improve tuning stability at all


My LP which I use the most, stays in tune just fine.


I would just lube the saddle and nut slots.. get some big bends nut sauce and apply a dab to every spot where the string touches the bigsby (roller, saddle, nut.) see how that works for you before modifying anything.

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I agree with Kidblast. IMO, you don't need the roller bridge with a Bigsby. Especially if you use a Vibramate. It raises the Bigsby up significantly, reducing the break angle and the downward force on the saddles. I've had that configuration on two different LP's with ABR bridges and it worked well. And no tuning problems either. I also always use lube.

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I have seen Nashville and Schaller type roller bridges but not an ABR-1. Maybe the range of adjustment in the ABR isn’t enough for the roller saddles so nobody makes them? No idea about that


Like others, I have a Bigsby on my Gibson and it stays in tune well with the stock saddles.


For me, the trick is to tune a string a bit flat, then give the bar a wiggle and it will come up to tune. When I tune that way it stays in tune nicely, otherwise the first whammy use throws things out

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