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17 Years Ago


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September 11, 2001.

This of us old enough at the time to fathom the gravity and depravity of that attack will never forget.

The pride and patriotism that followed were inspiring.

Sadly, they have been diminished since then.


I posted my Morning Client Note this morning to our blog...


Here is my memory - my day.



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My life was different in 2001. I was alone in my area of the building, sitting at my desk, very much still drunk from the night before and couldn't do much more than discern basic shapes and sounds. A girl from another office came in and said a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers. I pictured a little Cessna ramming into it and I wondered aloud how they would deal with injuries/fatalities and debris at such a height.


Then the truth came out. And it got worse.


Please, guys, vent all you want, but don't fight. Just don't.

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I was at work too.. one of my coworkers comes up from the Cafeteria where he'd gotten some coffee "Some moron just fly a plane in to the trade center"


My first thought was the same, an accident, small civilian aircraft got too close and paid dearly for his mistake. We found out very soon after, it was no small civilian plane and not a mistake. It was the beginning of some strangest of days in this country I can ever remember.


Sal your post brings many tears to my eyes.. not ashamed of it either.


My condolences Mr. Gibson


Never Forget...


Pray for our world.. we desperately need it

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never forget war and killing are wrong...


I agree, but if no one else is going to stop them from killing you, you’ve got to do it yourself. Violence is answered with violence. It’s the way of the world. Always has been and always will be. It’s sad, but the truth. We are never going to all sit around campfires and sing and everybody loves everybody. Imagine Hitler’s henchmen doing that with Jews, gays, and mentally handicapped-capped people.. Alll the crap happening now has occurred countless times before. The only difference is the technology. Forget all of our gods and other bull crap. They either don’t exist, don’t care, or are incapable of changing things for the better. .....Meanwhile, we protect those dearest to us. Anyway, peace to you my friend and I hope liife treats you well.


And Sal——-that is perhaps the most touching and realistec account i’ve read on 9-11. Glad you family was safe. You’re attitude is what makes this country great.

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Sal, I learned I had a 2nd cousin because of the attack. Only because he was a LT. on the first fire truck to arrive and perished. Having been brought up in Greater NY - though long absent - I can picture in my mind your trek. I hope people - not just New Yorkers, or Americans - but people of all nations will remember how, even in this 'modern age', human nature is not as 'civilized' as we would like to hope. Treblinka, The Killing Fields, 9/11. Even noble, progressive ideals like the League of Nations and the UN seem powerless to prevent atrocities like this.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Jim

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